In this 3-Day leadership, dance, & feminine empowerment EVENT OF THE YEAR you will... 


This is the ONLY immersive Temple Body Leadership Training Sofiah Thom will be hosting for the public in 2021!


My Powerful & Divine Sister,
 join us for …

Temple Body Activation 2021
3-Day Virtual Feminine Leadership Training
Where You’ll…

Uncover Your Purpose & Express Your Signature Soul Essence
 So You Stand Out to the Divine Right Clients your Meant to Serve

Transform Your Relationship to Money
Clear Old Programming so you can Open & Receive More

Experience a Magnetic Visibility Breakthrough
To Show-up with Confidence & Radiance

Recognize the Wealth of Your Gifts & Claim Your Innate Value
 Finally Charge What Your Worth, Step into a New and
Aligned Career Path, Drop the Double-Life

Discover the Power of the Temple Body Arts Guiding Compass
To stay aligned with your Purpose & Vision Being Fulfilled!

Learn my Pleasure Path to SUCCESS~
 A New Way to Manifest Your Vision with More Joy & Avoid the Burnout  

·        I’ll even Reveal my 'Secret Monetize Your Gifts' Star Map &
Together We Will Map out Your Path to Prosperity & Sustainable Wealth!

Our Itinerary

Activate your Temple Body on a Journey of 
Sacred Embodiment, Expressive Arts, Sexual Sovereignty,
Creative Power, and Mysticism.
Connect, Share, & Network with sisters Rising!

Day 1

 Friday, March 26

Activate Your Purpose
10am - 12pm PST: Embody Your YES - Illuminate Your Purpose
Noon-2 PST: Know the Medicine of Your Shero’s Journey
2-6pm PST: Rise to Express Your Unique Soul Essence

Day 2

 Saturday, March 27

Activate Your Wealth

10am - 2pm PST: Embody Money as Your Lover & Your Blood Gold
2-4pm PST: Know the Wealth of Your Gifts & Value
4-6pm PST:  Rise from Scarcity into Your Path of Prosperity
6-8pm PST: Divine Impact Panel ~ Circle of Reciprocity
&  Fireside Ritual Evening 

Day 3

 Sunday, March 28

Activate Your Vision

10am - 12pm PST: Embody Your Inner Queen’s Vision
12- 2pm PST: Know the Pleasure Path to SUCCESS
2- 4pm PST: Rise with Vision into Action 

Rise and take your place as the Feminine Leader you were born to BE.

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Sister, for so many years, I STRUGGLED.

I knew I was here for a "purpose"... but I simply had NO IDEA HOW to create SUSTAINABLE income and impact with that purpose. Can you relate?

For years, I kept myself small, fearing no one would show up or care what I had to say. I kept my inner voice quiet and my mind distracted with other projects that weren't a full body YES.

By not OWNING my purpose, I realized that I was holding MYSELF back from becoming the pillar of support for myself, other women, and the world!

Now, nearly 5 years after officially founding Temple Body Arts, I've created a training to help feminine leaders like you KNOW and EMBODY your soul's purpose and RISE into ownership of your sovereign feminine power.

The world NEEDS your gifts sister. The Divine Feminine is rising and she needs us ALL to stop playing small, stop the comparison game, and simply say YES to all that we are and all that we CAN BE. Are you READY to become the LEADER you have been WAITING for?

I invite you to join me for ACTIVATION 2021, a 3-Day Training for Feminine Leaders March 26-28, to claim your VISION, WEALTH, AND PURPOSE, with me by your side, guiding the way.

Will you say YES to yourself, your power, and your purpose? Let us gather together in support and love to ACTIVATE our fullest potential and highest YES. Who's with me??

xx Sofiah

During this 3-Day Leadership Training...

designed specifically for EMPOWERING  women like you, you'll experience....

  • Embodiment Sessions led by Sofiah- At least twice daily! created to help you connect to your Temple Body and express your Feminine Power
  • Breakthrough Writing Sessions- Guided sessions to help you channel and transmute old stories blocking you from your true purpose, wealth and vision
  • Red Tent Talk- Unlock your power and authority as a woman to create with Sofiah’s signature talk “Your Blood is Gold”
  • Fireside Chat & Ritual- Gather under the Full Moon with a ritual to RISE into your Sovereignty
  • Support & Reflections- Our Starpod Sessions, held everyday, offer guided topics and prompts to create connection and more intimate moments with sisters
  • Divine Impact Panel- Hear from women who are making it happen. Receive tips, free support, and guidance from other inspiring Feminine Leaders in your field 
  • Power of Giving & Service- In our session, Circle of Reciprocity learn how to align your personal cause with a greater why to support the evolution of our world


Sofiah Thom is a divine feminine mentor and leader for leaders birthing a new paradigm. She is an author, modern-day temple dancer, and entrepreneur committed to guiding women to embody their feminine power and birth their gifts into the world.

Creator and CEO of the Temple Body Arts™️ School for Embodied Feminine Leadership, Sofiah mentors women to create a life aligned with their essence and create the impact and income they desire while supporting the Rise of the Divine. She also co-authored the book The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose.

Sofiah has been teaching, speaking and performing in-person and online around the globe for over 20 years. Driven by her lifelong passion for dance, creative expression, and feminine spirituality, Sofiah creates a safe and powerful container for recognizing one's creative potential and power through sacred movement and inner exploration.

Alongside her husband Brendan and a handful of visionaries, Sofiah co-founded the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art, and sacred movement. Together, Sofiah and her husband co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica, where they live.

If you are Resisting Stepping Into Your Soul Aligned Purpose or Business because you feel the Risk of Burnout, I'm here to model how it is possible and still feel balanced.

I am curating this event so you can feel the magic, spaciousness, and pleasure that is possible when you answer the call to Rise into Leadership and share your gifts using the Temple Body Arts Path.

Experience the way to gather, learn and transform while reigniting and being recharged coming back into your Temple Body!  Be inspired by Connections with Other Women in this Powerful Movement, take your place dear sister.